Running for Biscuits

I took these two precious babies for a little run yesterday.  It started out really great.  Sam, the black Schnauzer, is just a puppy and is getting used to a leash and going where I want him to go and not where HE wants to go.  Cody, the grey Schnauzer, is a great running buddy.  He’s teaching Sam how to run on a leash and how to be a dog.

Unfortunately, Sam got spooked at something last night and stopped running directly under my feet.  In trying not to step on him, I did a five point face plant to the street.  My knees look awful, I tore up my nails, both hands, and my chin.  My one knuckle on my left hand is gross.  I was pretty sure yesterday that I had broken my hand, but it feels better today.  My right knee (the one I dislocated almost exactly a year ago) took the brunt of the damage and is sore as hell today.  I’m stumbling around like a 100 year old today.

The best part of all of this?  I get on a plane this afternoon to fly home to Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday.  I’m going to hobble off the plane and have to explain to my mother why I have a whole box of bandages on my person.  She might not let me come back to Tennessee.

At least my Old Navy running tights didn’t rip and the LifeProof case on my phone did what it was supposed to do!  A+ for them.  My phone case is scratched and torn up a little, but my phone is okay.  I highly recommend the LifeProof case.

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