Running for Biscuits

I was tagged by the lovely lizzielulu114 to post 6 pictures I love of myself.

This was harder than I thought, but I scrounged some up.

1. The first time I went to a country bar in Knoxville.  Also my first time wearing cowboy boots.

2. Maya and me in the snow.

3. At the beach. Can I go back now, please?

4. At one of my best friend’s weddings, 2011. My first time home after moving to Tennessee.

5. Happy hour before the opera at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  They have a great happy hour.

6. Wake surfing last summer.  My very first time and I still managed to actually surf.  Never guessed I would surf on a lake in the middle of a land locked state.

I challenge everyone to find a few pictures they love of themselves.  I sometimes struggle with self-esteem, so this was a good exercise for me.

Today was a “just get through it” sort of run.

It was my fault. I should have picked a different path for my first run post-Texas flat run. Sequoyah Hills was not my best idea, but it goes past the river and it’s really pretty beautiful. There was a good amount of shade, and a good amount of hills. It wasn’t my fastest run, but I managed.

Grandaddy tracks me with the RoadID app when I run. And I mean, he really tracks me. As in, he watches my little red line move for however long it is I’m doing whatever I’m doing. He’s retired and he likes to feel needed. He does a good job if protecting me.

When I’m done running, I usually walk in circles to cool down a little bit. When the GDaddy sees my map like in the picture above, he tends to think something is chasing me so he calls to make sure I’m okay. He’s sweet.

It’s nice to feel so loved.

There was a giant spider on the side mirror of my car this morning. I brushed him off with a business card when I got to work, but I don’t know where he landed and now I can feel spiders crawling all over me. WHERE DID YOU GO YOU 8 LEGGED MONSTER.

I’m not in Texas anymore, Toto.

The hills are back in full force in Knoxvegas. I guess that’s a point for Dallas.

This is my first ride in two weeks where I haven’t had to cut short or get wet due to rain. It felt great to cruise by the river in the sunshine. I needed this ride to get my head on straight. It helped.

Peanut butter makes a delicious post ride snack. Straight from the spoon is even better.

Big changes. 

They’re coming.

Big changes.

They’re coming.

What’s going on here, Dallas? How are these temps even possible?

I took advantage of the ridiculous temps and managed a four mile run. Between the cool temps and the flat terrain, it was one of the easiest runs I’ve had in awhile. I don’t know how we managed to pick the coolest weekend ever in Dallas, but I’m glad. It sure beats the 110 degrees it could have been.

I have to say, Plano, I’m impressed with your sidewalks. Knoxville has so few sidewalks that to have four miles worth of nice, flat, connected sidewalks was amazing. It would be super easy to train for a race here. Lots of nice places to run.

Not bad, DFW. Not bad.

Adventures in drunk Top Golfing. 

This could be interesting.

Adventures in drunk Top Golfing.

This could be interesting.

Sitting on the tarmac, delayed leaving Knoxville for an hour and fifteen minutes because of weather in Dallas.

They gave us a granola bar from their “Delayed Flight Pack.”


Tony the knee brace had to be checked for explosives before they’d let me through security. 

I am pretty sketchy looking, I guess.

Tony the knee brace had to be checked for explosives before they’d let me through security.

I am pretty sketchy looking, I guess.

78 degrees in Knoxville in July. Obviously, I needed to do something outside.

I broke a 30 minute 5k for the first time since I hurt my knee. I’m probably going to pay for it tomorrow, but it was worth it.

I also broke two hair bands today while I was running. Not one, but TWO busted hair bands. The one I put my hair up with originally snapped after my first mile and flew off somewhere into the grass next to the trail. I used my emergency hair band from my wrist and that one snapped at mile two! I tried to tie it back together, but it didn’t really work. I have too much hair. So, I ran the last half mile with my hair flowing majestically behind me. Or something like that.